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Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic mineral complex derived from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands.


A Message from the Board

We tell our Patients everyday to drink MORE water, especially after their treatment as their body is going through a cleansing, or detoxification process, and they need to re-hydrate.

Just over 2 years ago, we saw an AD for the Xtreme X20 and called up Donna Kelli who had sent me out some information to go over. Well, when we read and absorbed it, it all made sense. For all these years, we were telling our Patients to drink MORE water, but that was just empty water, or water of no real value. Why not ENHANCE the water?

The light bulb was now burning bright.

As Professionals we understood the science behind the x2o, but we were never taught in school that something so simple, yet so important, should be a staple in our daily lives. We, like everyone else, was lead to believe that we could get these minerals from our daily diet. We know this isn't true and it would be Humanly IMPOSSIBLE to ingest and Digest enough food to assimilate the required daily amounts or anything close to what is found in the Extreme X20.

What we also learnt, is HOW the X20, when added to water, becomes a highly "Supercharged" ALKALYNE beverage and that, just by entering your MOUTH, it is being INGESTED and doesn't even have to travel through the digestive process and is actually HYDRATING you right at the "INTRACELLULAR level, or INSIDE the Cells. NO OTHER product on the PLANET does this...

So, as Professionals, this just made sense. We have Patients using this on a daily basis and a few others that have tried it and have decided to join this Company. Talk about IMPACTING their lives! We see the difference in the People that use it daily, and the ones that don't.

For all Doctors, Therapists, Specialists, Team Trainers listening in to this call, if you are not using or sharing this product with your Patients, Players, or Staff, please, Contact me direct, and I will lead you in the right direction with additional information. If you are a Patient, and you ask your Doctor or Therapist about the Extreme X20 and they tell you different and that for some reason they just don't understand how powerful this x20 is, Get a NEW Doctor......QUIK! - Dr.M. Botha

"Holy crap! I can't explain it. If my Dr asked me what I did different I would have to say, Massage Therapy on Wed and Xooma X20, Thursday and Friday. It all started with house cleaning on sat. I started doing the usual and then I ended up spring cleaning and continued for about 3 hours before I realized my back was hurting. Then We woke up on Sunday morning bright and early and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. 3kms later we ended up at a friend's house for a cup of coffee and conversation for about 1/2 hour then walked home. That is a total of 6 kms. EXPLAIN THAT! Prior to seeing you I could not walk 3 houses. I still find standing still is painful, But who wants to stand still when you can move! I even took the motorcycle out for a little cruise. I feel like a new lease on life." Lisa T., Receivables Manager

"Awhile back I gave a testimonial about how my mental focus and mood greatly improved since drinking the "Focus-Up" by Xooma. It was then when I looked forward to watching the results as I started drinking X2O on a daily basis. I was a gallon a day soda addict at the time and wanted to get off that poison.

Here we are a couple of months later. I have not had a soda for several weeks but was sometimes tempted to stop in at the convenience store and grab a jug. The temptations vanished after I had some company over. There was some leftover soda from the gathering and I figured I would drink it up rather than toss it. Whoa! After the first chug my stomach turned- like something I've never felt before! It was as if my body was saying "Hey, what kind of crap are you putting in here?" My body seems no longer used to the acid and wants NO PART OF IT! Xooma veterans are telling me it's because "my body is returning to normal."

The rest of the soda went down the sink and I am no longer tempted. Soda is no longer enjoyable for me- thanks to X2O. " Darren B, Winnipeg Media Personality and ex WWE Superstar

"I started Xooma water in June-that was my 1st month- I changed my diet-totally cutting out pop of any kind, breads, I began to eat lots more fruits, nuts (almonds, walnuts, and raisins) no (very little) salt. I already lost 17 lbs so far. Two weeks ago I bought the t-zone. I am 5'2" and My weight is steady now at 250, (I was 267) but I'm building muscle and losing inches. I've got arthritis in my knees and have walked with a constant limp for the last 10 yrs, my joints still get stiff after a day on my feet, (I work at subway on Regent) but my walking has improved immensely, there are days I walk with no limp at all. Inches lost so far ---I had 48 cm calves, they are now 16 1/2cm. My upper thigh was 38 inches, now 26 1/4 ... I'm down almost 2 sizes i was wearing size 22-24 I am now into my 20" pants and loosing still....The energy I have is great and I feel awesome, my spirits are up, and feel motivated to keep going. The T-zone has allowed me to exercise without effort and difficulty to my legs, just knowing that I'm able to do this and exercising on the t-zone makes feel like I'm doing something, anything. I've taken control of my weight in a way that is making me feel productive for the first time ever, it's hard to explain, but I think it's understood if you've been there. I am now starting month 3. Well that's my story so far little steps at a time.... " Faye Sajatovic, Winnipeg

"Since injuries forced me to quit Professional Wrestling in 2001, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. However, 2008 has been extraordinarily difficult for me. My father was very sick starting late '07 and he passed away in March '08. An unnerving legal battle also ensued. The stress of the loss of my Dad and the ongoing issues had me fall into a rut like never before. I had no energy or motivation whatsoever. None. I let my advertising business crumble and had to think hard to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Sad or grumpy all the time, I found it difficult to see friends as I didn't want to bring them down. My days consisted of dragging myself out of bed, drinking a ridiculous amount of diet cola for my caffeine buzz and killing time. The rare times I had the desire to do things, I couldn't concentrate and I would screw up; which made it more depressing! My brain was a mess! I drank so much of that pop I am embarrassed to say how much. To give a hint though, I started my day with a two litre bottle in the morning. I have tremors in my left hand, likely due to overdoing the caffeine for years.

The diet pop gave me a jolt but it sure did nothing to help my situation. My Doctor gave me pills, which helped a bit. I finally got my butt moving and started exercising again, which helped a bit more. I was doing better but I needed something to get me over the edge and back into a proper mindset. Then my friend gave me three days worth of the "Focus-UP" by Xooma. All he said was "it's an energy think drink, give it a try". I noticed something different from my first try. After three days I was sure this stuff was doing good things for my brain. Consistent mood, happier, thinking clearly, motivation to get out and do things; it felt like my mindset had taken a much needed turn- with a little help. I quickly got on the phone, joined Xooma and made sure I had enough Focus-Up to get me through until I got my first shipment. I have been on the Focus-Up for two weeks now and have cut my pop consumption in half already. I plan to be pop free in the New Year. I just started the X2O. After a decade in the wrestling ring, 1,100 pro matches and years of drinking gallons of acidic pop, my body is in rough shape-inside and out. If X2O helps my body the way Focus-Up did wonders for my brain, LOOK OUT!! I am absolutely sold on the FOCUS-UP product and look forward to hearing 'Hey, what's in your bottle?'" Darren Bilsland-Winnipeg, Manitoba-Canada

"My "unreachable goal" was 225lbs and after I hit 250, I wanted to hit 225 by June 2, and 220 by June 20 (my half marathon day) But the bad thing about the Xooma products is I have TOO MUCH ENERGY!!! My body always wants to be busy! Yesterday on Wednesday for example, I rode my bike (keeping my heart rate at 140) for 30 minutes at 5:30 am, Ran 4 miles at 4:30pm then was bored so I played some pickup soccer at 7:30 for an hour yesterday, same thing on the bike at 5:30, only ran 3 miles, but then played 2 baseball games at 6:30! I have to re-learn all of these sports, I have so much more legs, speed and stamina I can play totally different and with the above exercise and diet change (X20) this morning I weighed in at 227.4!

I can't believe this! I am in month 10 and in 9 days I went from 237 to 227.4! That's more then 1lb a day! What is even more crazy is that is just over 4% of my body weight in 9 days! in month 10 of my journey! Insane!

I have seen some other people with good results, have you seen anyone with numbers like this over this period of time? Thanks and take care," Dan Sajatovic | Key and Lock Administrator, Corporate Security

"My Name is Anita and I am a Hair Stylist, booked solid and on my feet ALL DAY long (in High Heel's).I have been using Xooma for just over a Year at this time. I had started using 2 fresh sachets of x2o per day. The first thing I noticed, was that I had MORE energy throughout the day.

About a Year later, I became pregnant and I was STILL using the X20. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but after consulting my Doctor and discussing this X20 with Tommie Webber, I had decided that it would be in my best interest AND the unborn babies to continue using the x2o, as I did know that the baby would be sucking the minerals from my body into his and I didn't want to be depleted and have the side-effects like other people.

Little Tyler was born almost a month early at 5 lbs 11 ounces. He was extremely healthy and WE were released from the Hospital the following day. I had only gained 11 lbs throughout the entire pregnancy.

I was concerned a bit cause I was told breast feeding was best and I was healthy, but it was just not realistic with my schedules, so I consulted with Tommie. He encouraged me to read the Label on the BEST formula on the market and count the minerals. I did, and there was only between 11 and 13, depending on brand. (Most Dog Foods have over 40 minerals). He then re-explained to me how the X20 has over 70 trace minerals and that this is exactly what the body requires to grow and for every single action and reaction.

So, we talked. We decided then to incorporate the X20 INTO the baby formula. We had made the decision NOT to Vaccinate. Here in Canada, we have a choice and our Doctor was fine with our decision. In the mean time, as you know, the H1N1 flu was around PLUS all the other childhood illnesses they tend to get, yet Tyler didn't. Tyler has not had a cold, flu, colic, infection, earache or anything. Sure he has had a runny nose and a fever, but it only lasts one day or two.

We also started putting a few drops of the "Silver" into his water and when we were out at family functions, on the Airplane or on the Cruise, we would spray it (mist) directly into his mouth, face and eye's. We would also rub it into the bottom of his little feet if we suspected a hint of a cold coming on.

As for myself as of lately I've become a product of the product, I'm using 2-3 X20 Daily as well as 1 Nature's SBO one in the morning and one at night , 1 Assimilator with each meal , and a tiny Nature's body cleanse at night. Why? Because It keeps me healthy and energized, and I haven't been ill or missed a day of work ever since.... " Anita B. Hanks, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

"I jogged for 3 minutes today with the Wii... Is it Massage? Is it Xooma? is it Reiki? Is it all three? I don't know but I have not moved like that in over 3 years since my original injury! I AM A BELIEVER! " Lisa T.

"My experience with Extreme X20 is amazing so far though. I don't have a lot of free time in my day, and if all I have to do is drink water, well that's the easiest thing I've ever done for myself! I'm already a water drinker so it was very easy for me! At first I was only using one sachet and I noticed that my energy was up, but I wasn't losing any weight. I was happy about the extra energy, and figured that I should probably start exercising if I expected to see real results, but then I got your e-mail!

When I read that I needed to use 2 sachets and do the 2 power shots and 4 full bottles a day.. Well I've seen AMAZING results!

On Monday I was at my normal weight of 240, then on Tuesday I weighed 236, then on Wednesday I weighed 234.6, then on Thursday I weighed 233.8 and then on Friday I weighed 232.2!! Nearly 8 pounds in 5 days!!!! I didn't even exercise! I did watch what I was eating, but I did have Subway for lunch two of those days and a hamburger for supper on Thursday, so I really do believe that the water is doing wonders because I'm not even trying that hard.

I haven't weighed myself over the weekend, but I am going to track my weight this week and attempt to get some work-outs in, I want to see how much I can drop by next weekend. " Karlee.

" I am so fricken pumped right now it is crazy! I just need another kick in the ass. 1.5lbs a week has been great but I want more and am prepared to do what it takes. I am Happy! Confident! And 45% pain free! Considering I have not really moved in like 3 years mostly afraid of the pain and with that fear, I was doing nothing and getting bigger and bigger. I have gone from 40mg of my med's a day down to 10mg in less than a year and NO PANIC ATTACKS!

After you put me on the X2O and the cleanse I have lost a pant size. The reiki I believe has provided me with an emotional upswing and the confidence to achieve anything! Is it the X20? is it the Massage or the reiki? Maybe it is all in my mind but really Who the hell cares! It is working and I am walking and doing yard work and house work. Oh yes THANKS for the house work part lol.

Seeing Anita and her success and having positive people like you and her in my life certainly have helped keep my spirits upward and moving forward. Just when you feel like saying blah along comes an email from you or her or a face book comment that just picks me right up! There is no end to the success that I can have. I say that with all my heart. A year ago I was in a mind state that I was started to say whatever, I am who I am. No I am not, I am big on the outside and small inside. I want to be the person in the mirror that I see in my head.

Let's do this! " Lisa

"Tammi and myself want to thank you for a wonderful supper and a great time. It is so nice to finally put faces to these people that you talk about. Like I said I WAS very sceptical about this XOOMA adventure but now i am 100000% convinced that it works. Just to hear the success stories and to see the results first hand (Dan and Dennis) has me believing that this works. I am so looking forward to see the results on Tammi. I have already started to notice that she is a lot more chipper and has more energy and as Dan said her leg girth is coming down. Once again THANKS A MILLION, we look forward being a part of your team. You guys are just amazing." Chris and Tammi.

"In 2006 I was diagnosed with clinical depression and insomnia at age fourteen. Due to several suicide attempts and destructive behaviour, I was placed in a psychiatric ward for safekeeping.

There, I received Lexapro to help treat the depression, and the highest dose of Ambien to help me sleep. After being discharged, I stopped taking my meds within two weeks, which caused severe biological dysfunctions.

In Nov. of 2008 at age sixteen, I went to HCPC (Another psychiatric hospital - bleh), because I began spiralling out of control once again. This time, I received a cheaper version of Lexapro called Celexa, which is an antidepressant medication that affects neurotransmitters, the chemicals that nerves within the brain use to communicate with each other. So, once you stop taking it your brain freaks out. Over the two-year interval of my first stay in a psych ward I kept having horrible anxiety attacks and shortness of breath, and the Celexa was also meant to cure that. Concerta, which is much similar to Adderall XR except it releases the chemicals into your body at a slower rate, was for my ADHD.

When I was discharged in Nov., I took the new meds for seven months. The first six weeks was awful, lots of blacking out, throwing up, and impulses to lash out on myself, and sometimes I didn't resist very well. However, the time that passed after those first six weeks was great and stable; but I despised the fact I was taking synthetic drugs to prevent myself from literally going insane. Some days I would "forget" (Cough cough) to take my medicine and would consequently have random anxiety attacks at school that scared my teachers, my family, and me!

Xooma was then introduced to me by Michael (a close friend) from our crazy awesome church Warriors Worship Center (Go Warriors!!!! Whoot Whoot!). He did ALL that he could to get an order in as quickly as possible so I could get healthy. When my X2O sachets and lovely tasting Edge finally came in the mail, new hope fired up inside of me. I was DETERMINED to get free from all the prescription garbage I was taking and let Xooma's organic minerals from the earth, become a source of divine healing.

I took four sachets a day and two full packs of the Edge. Within a minimum of five days, my body didn't want or need the medicine that was giving me so many side effects. Its awesome taking something pure and natural to stay strong and energized! It feels right, and people should just stop investing in doctors and invest in Xooma, because they'll find instant relief and save so much money in the long run. Instead of investing in an expensive month supply of medication and synthetic supplements, replace that with Xooma and I guarantee your body will highly appreciate it. I know mine does and I have been drug free ever since." Jessica Forbes

"I am a professional baseball instructor and former pro ball player. I was speaking to one of my client's last week. During our conversation we spoke about sore arms and pulled muscles. I explained to him that I was drinking X20 for almost 4 year . Before that time I had reoccurring problems. My knees would hurt going up and down stairs and my arm would get sore if I threw hard for any length of time. I had to quit playing baseball at 22 because my arm was shot. I had been treated by a chiropractor for a sore arm since I was 14. During my baseball camps, if I pitched in a scrimmage, I would have to wait 4 or 5 days to pitch again. Now that I have been drinking X20 I can throw all day, with no pain. I lead the workout drills before camp and can still outrun a majority of my kids. I can long toss hundreds of balls a day, 5 to 6 days a week. I go out in the hot Florida sun for hours at a time without any problems. Now, I go up and down my townhouse stairs with ease. Did I mention that I will be 58 in November?

All this improved since I started drinking X20 Xooma. This is the only thing that I can attribute for my improvement. It is amazing to me how pro athletes, with all they have at stake, and that the owners of pro teams with millions invested in these athletes would not line up to use this inexpensive preventative measure. It would help avoid simple injuries, reduce recovery time and improve hand eye coordination, and overall performance immensely. It would save money, protect the health of athletes long term while prolong their careers. The life expectancy or elite athletes has dropped drastically over the last few years because of physical stress, and lack of a simple refuelling of the body without all the added hype. How they could use some! Now, every time I see my students chugging down Gatorade, PowerAde or whatever, I tell them to go to my website and try X20. I want to thank my cousin Tommie Weber for making this all possible." Richard N.

"The sisters of Ringwood, NJ are ecstatic with the Metabowize system. One of us has lost 24 pounds and 25 inches, the other lost 22 pounds and 23 inches, and the best is Sister Annette who is down 24 pounds and 43 inches! May God Bless all of you! I also have a medical update: My HDL went from 230 to 165, my LDL from 110 to 92. My Blood Pressure is lower, calcium increased and my doctor was amazed. He asked me for information on whatever I am doing! Thank you for the support and the chance to turn my life around. " Sister Rosemary

"Just wanted to give you an early report on the X2O. Louie is already experiencing good results with his digestive issues since the second day of using the water! I can tell he has more energy because he feels better, and he is sleeping better! Woo hoo! Just wanted to pass that along to you!" Rita M.

"I have been on the Metabowize program for 7 weeks now. I was feeling light headed when I stood up and my blood pressure was dropping too low. I went to the Dr. and they took me off one of my high blood pressure meds. Next week he said he will probably take me off another one. I was on 4 just for High Blood Pressure. I have also lost 21 pounds since my last Dr. Visit and he was very happy about that. I am not the type to ever be on a diet and laughed at the thought of a protein drink as a meal replacement. Now I ask for my drink!! What a huge turn around. This is a winner product." Doug M.