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Rapid Referral Rewards

Introducing the Rapid "Referral Rewards" Program.



A program designed where YOU get paid for not only referring me a New Patient, but get paid each and every time the referral comes in for a treatment.

Steven hanks- Referral programHow Does it Work?

Lets say you refer JANE to my Clinic for a Treatment and Assessment ($65.00).
YOU will get paid $20.00 CASH for caring enough about Jane's Health, helping me and now, helping yourself.

Now lets say JANE has a serious back injury from a fall at work and comes in to see me another 8 times in the next month and a half (a lot of
people do).




Here is a recap.

You Refer Jane = $20.00 referral fee paid to YOU.
Jane comes in 8 more times, pay's $65.00 per visit.
10% X $65.00 = $6.50
$6.50 X 8 = $52.00
$52.00 + $20.00 = $72.00 CASH paid to you for Helping ME and Helping JANE!

Now what if Jane comes in a few more times?
Now what if you were to refer me another 2, 4, 8, 10 people every other month?
THIS could easily pay for your NEW CAR Payment,  Mortgage Payment, or even a nice exotic trip.
All for taking a moment to help a friend in need...

Another first in the Health and Wellness Industry...