Steven Hanks Premier Massage Group

With over 100 years of combined hands on experience, the Miracle Health Network will take you on a journey to complete Abundant Health and Wellness.


"Just wanted you to know that my energy was quite high when I left. Only experienced this in the past after getting a healing attunement or attending a Tony Robbins seminar."
Alain D.

"When I walked in I was feeling depressed tired stiff sore and just plain crappy. Whatever you did to me worked. I would like you to recommend a schedule of what type of treatments you feel I need. "
Richard M.


"This is the Next Level. This is for people who have experienced awareness and are ready for change. "
Joan J,
Legal Professional


"You are THE BEST! THANK YOU SO MUCH for my Massage yesterday! I had the best sleep I have had in weeks and no pain in my back or hip waiting me up at night. I'd like you to work on my husband as well when I get back from Kenora.

I took Wendy to see where your office was last night and she is interested in coming to see you. I told her about your Diabetes Research Project & said you could fill her in on everything. Plus she needs a massage too! "


"Holy crap! I can't explain it. If my Dr asked me what I did different I would have to say, Massage Therapy on Wed and Xooma X20, Thursday and Friday. It all started with house cleaning on sat. I started doing the usual and then I ended up spring cleaning and continued for about 3 hours before I realized my back was hurting. Then We woke up on Sunday morning bright and early and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. 3kms later we ended up at a friend's house for a cup of coffee and conversation for about 1/2 hour then walked home. That is a total of 6 kms. EXPLAIN THAT! Prior to seeing you I could not walk 3 houses. I still find standing still is painful, But who wants to stand still when you can move! I even took the motorcycle out for a little cruise. I feel like a new lease on life."
Lisa T., Receivables Manager


"Awhile back I gave a testimonial about how my mental focus and mood greatly improved since drinking the "Focus-Up" by Xooma. It was then when I looked forward to watching the results as I started drinking X2O on a daily basis. I was a gallon a day soda addict at the time and wanted to get off that poison.
Here we are a couple of months later. I have not had a soda for several weeks but was sometimes tempted to stop in at the convenience store and grab a jug. The temptations vanished after I had some company over. There was some leftover soda from the gathering and I figured I would drink it up rather than toss it. Whoa! After the first chug my stomach turned- like something I've never felt before! It was as if my body was saying "Hey, what kind of crap are you putting in here?" My body seems no longer used to the acid and wants NO PART OF IT! Xooma veterans are telling me it's because "my body is returning to normal."
The rest of the soda went down the sink and I am no longer tempted. Soda is no longer enjoyable for me- thanks to X2O. "
Darren B, Winnipeg Media Personality and ex WWE Superstar


"I jogged for 3 minutes today with the wii... Is it Massage? Is it Xooma? is it Reiki? Is it all three? I don't know but I have not moved like that in over 3 years since my original injury! I AM A BELIEVER! "
Lisa T.


"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my pain today, you took time out of your holiday day to work on me and not charge me yet ! Your awesome... lol don't get a big head... I've been doing the stretches too, tape is still on, took a nap too and just relaxed today, going to bed early to get a good nights sleep. Thanks again, I'll see you on wed"
Fay S.


"You have transformed my Body, Mind and Spirit. I haven't been the same since. I was led to you for a reason and you are not finished with me yet as our journey together has just begun. See you soon."
Father Walter Klimchuk, UCP.


"I have MORE Energy, BETTER Sleep and LESS Pain since I started seeing you for your type of Therapeutic Massage Techniques. WOW! I am back to work and I am actually Happy to be there."
Raymond S.


"I've never experienced anything like this before. WOW! I can actually move my Arm and Breathe..."
Wendy G. Clinic Owner


"I don't do anything like this!"
Lisa P, RMT


"I just love it when my Patients see you first, It makes my job so much easier!"
Brian M, Dr. Chiropractic


"If I knew you were looking to relocate, I would of asked you to join my Team."
Ron W, Dr. Chiropractic


"Whatever your doing is working. His Blood Pressure in normal, his Blood Sugars are stable and for the first time, he is sleeping through the night."
Gilbert W, MD


"Thanks For The Awesome Massage today! You ARE the MASTER Of Massage! Not Feeling ANY Pain! Thankyou. Hugs, "
Dorren C, RN


"After 2 years of various specialists and treatments and off on disability for over a year, you got me back on my feet, not only with a lot less pain, but I am able to WALK! Why didn't anyone else do this? It was too simple....2 Treatments!"
Sharon C, School Trustee