With over 100 years of combined hands on experience, the Miracle Health Network will take you on a journey to complete Abundant Health and Wellness.

EMD Assessment

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At the Miracle Health Network, we understand that our Health is the most important asset
that we have. Without it, we merely exist. Abundant Health is more than just going for a walk,
eating real foods and perhaps taking a few supplements.

There is so much more, but this is a good start.

Our bodies were created and made up of over 60 TRILLION cells. Each tiny cell is comprised of nutrients and electrical energy. When we become nutrient deficient or electrically challenged, the light starts to dim, 
disease kicks in and we begin to basically, die. Yes, we still get up in the morning, race to work
and play a little "shinny" on the pond, but lets take a look at this simple example so you really get the
big picture and then we will tell you how we can fix this.

Take 2 brand New Identical Vipers (one of my favorite modern hot-rods).

Line them up side by side and get ready to race down the 1/4 mile track.
Now here's the twist.

Fill one of the Vipers with "High-Test" Premium Fuel, and the other with plain regular unleaded gas.
On your mark... Get set... GO!

Which one do you think made it to the finish line first?
Both got from A  to B, but one was a little sluggish while the other took off like a rocket.
At the end of the race, one was purring like a kitten while the other was chugging and spewing some nasty exhaust.

That's exactly how our bodies function and react, so why not take some time to figure out whats
going on "under the hood" and how we can tweak it, tune-it up and get it to fire on all 12 cylinders..

Introducing the advanced e-MD Assessment!

EMD Assessment

First, like a car engine, we go through an intense 20 point inspection to find out
exactly where your "firing" and where your not. The device we use for this is called
the "E-MD" and it stands for ENERGY MEASURING DEVICE. The Energy Measurement Device uses sound frequencies to determine which areas of the body are not up to par with good health. We have various acupressure points located throughout our hands and feet.

The EMD tests two points on each of the hands and feet. The Energy Measurement Device tests these acupressure points and determines which parts of the body are unbalanced and/or degenerating.

SOQI report

Then based off of the most significant test results, recommendations are made as to what products to use to restore health to the troubled areas. Product treatments vary depending on individual results. Machines utilized are the Chi Machine, SOQI HotHouse, E-Power and Advanced ERE. It is through the EMD that allows us a non invasive alternative approach to determining illness.

Upon completion of the test, you will recieve a print out in full color showing us exactly what areas are affected, which organs are being compromised or body systems that may be declining, atrophying, or ossifying. Next, a step by step protocol is created, printed out, and used as a guide and treatment plan to help the body to repair, correct and restore to get you back in the game of life, allowing you to LIVE like never before.

Dr. C.J. Mao is an educated professor with multiple PhDs in medicine and energy and is the inventor of the patented VGH-82A otherwise known as the Energy Measurement Device. Thanks to this amazing tool, we now have the ability to take ownership of our wellness quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.

The EMD Assessment is powerful yet fairly quick and the results are delivered immediately in FULL COLOR for you to see and observe...
The next step is up to you.

We have 2 options available to get you started immediately..

  1. Call and arrange your personalized EMD Assessment. Go over the findings, study it and decide if your feel your ready to excel to the next level of living. When you are, we will set up a treatment plan for maximized results with the most minimal amount of time. The cost for this is $60.
  2. Come in for your EMD Assessment, go over the results and immediately begin your personalized treatment protocol.
      This may take approx 120 minutes from start to Finnish so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time.
      The cost for this assessment and treatment is discounted to $100 as we are confident you will experience results after just one visit.

For additional information regarding the E-MD, SOQI bed, Chi-Machine, E-POWER and Advanced E-RE, go to www.HTECanada.com