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Health Assessment

Dr. Botha's Health Assessment Questionnaire.

Dr.Both's Questionnaire

Imagine having your own Doctor, available, 24/7 ready and willing to answer any and all of your health related questions!

With Dr. Botha's Health Assessment Questionnaire, that fantasy has just become a reality.

Dr. Marthin Botha, (PhD. Biochemistry, BA Psychology, ND/DO) was Born in South Africa, where he studied and qualified as a Pharmacist then went on and obtained a PhD in Biochemistry in Switzerland at which time he realized that Allopathic (Modern) Medicine has changed from the art of healing the body, to the science of destruction of disease with harsh chemicals. So, he went to Germany and studied Naturopathy.

In 1970, he came to Australia, setting up practice in Melbourne. In 1974, He lost his life partner and confidant to cancer, whereupon he made it his mission to help people with this dreaded disease. This took him over and around the world. In order to expand his knowledge and understanding, he went to China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The following year, he spent 8 months in India studying Ayurvedeic, or Traditional Indian Herbal Medicine.
In the last 20 years he has been practising in a cancer ‘hot spot’ in Far Western New South Wales in Australia. Here he also had opportunity to study some Traditional Australian Aboriginal Medicines.

Dr. Botha developed this personal one-on-one Health Assessment Questionnaire for a reason and that was to help YOU get the best out of life.

Dr. Both believes in LIVING, not merely existing.

 "I look forward to impart some of my knowledge and experience to you, and be of assistance in your quest for Health & Wellbeing."

Health Assessment

If you would like to take your own personalized Health Assessment Questionaire from the comfort of your living room,just go to www.DrBotha.net now.

Once completed, Dr. Botha will contact you with his assessment and suggestions to get you back into the game of life and living! You will then have access to him personally and you will not only gain a trusted Health care professional, but a confidant and friend.

** ALL information will be kept in strict confidence between you and Dr. Botha. **

Once you have completed your "HAQ" and have gone over your results, call us and you will recieve a certificate redeemable for 25% off any in house treatment.