With over 100 years of combined hands on experience, the Miracle Health Network will take you on a journey to complete Abundant Health and Wellness.

Body-RoX-DetoX - Fat Loss Slimming Session

Supercharge and Relax. This 90 minute session is designed to "Fire-up" your body to gently Detox your cells and allow your body to burn fat for the next 72 hours or more!

Start with a minimum 20 Minutes of patented T-Zone Whole Body Vibration. See and feel for yourself, as your your muscles fire, and your metabolism starts to rev. Next, we charge your body and it's cells with abundant "Negative Potential Energy".

E-Power - Miracle Health Network

Using your body as a capacitor," E-Power" generates 70KHz of high frequency electrical waves, creating an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you. As E-Power increaes the temperature of your subcutaneous tissue, Negative Potential Energy spreads throughout the entire body, relaxing you and creating a balanced electrical field. Negative Potential Energy with high frequency balances the functions of cations (positively charged ions), and anions (negatively charged ions) on both sides of the cell membrane.

This promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build up immunity.  It is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive, detoxify and of course, assist in fat-loss and waste elimination.

Before and After 2

Next, lay down and enjoy 40 minutes of deep penetrating Far Infrared Heat on the renowed "Soqi Bed". Experience for yourself the importance of 8~10 micron Far Infrared Rays and understand exactly how this will assist your cells in even more regeneration, detoxification and most importantly, ABSORPTION of nutrients.

Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees. Most of our body heat is typically radiated away as far infrared at the 8 ~ 10 micron wavelength. (That is why a room full of people becomes warm.) So, if we generate 8 ~ 10 micron far infrared and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and it is then the magic unfolds.  While you lie back and relax, your are also, simultaneously going to endure some aerobic exercise without even stepping a foot on the ground.  Motion Energy Increases Oxygen Intake!

Chi Machine

The CHI-MACHINE is a therapeutic massager and aerobic exerciser that oxygenates, tones, strengthens the body, stimulates the lymphatic system and exercises and balances the spine.

The effects of the "Chi-Machine" is like a full body massage, including your internal organs and entire body systems as well.  Research says that 15 minutes on the chi- machine is estimated to be the equivalent of WALKING 10,000 paces (about 90 minutes), in terms of body oxygenation. Deep oxygenation not only provides more energy, less pains and better sleep, but will allow the body to burn fat as well.

Raspberry Ketones Slimming Pills

Throughout this entire session, you will be sipping on some super-charged Highly Alkalized-Mineralized Water. This alone (with a PH of 9.9) works to assist the body in regulating Homeostasis but is actually the heartbeat and foundation of this entire journey.

Want more? Well, we also have available an "Oz" approved serving of RASBERRY KETONES  combined with some other highly researched metabolic fat burning ingredients designed to increase the "feel good" brain chemicals helping reduce appetite and cravings. Read up online and see what all the hype is about. Better yet, come on down and check it out for your self.