Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No more Fear!

A Patient recently asked me what it was like to go "Zip-Lining" through the jungles in Puarta Viarta at over 2,000 feet, Parasailing accross the beaches of Mazatland, and Snorkeling with the fishees in Los Cabos. I told them "that wasn't the hard part". Then what was? Overcomming my FEARS. You see, Idon't even go on Rollercoasters, Ferris Wheels or Amusement rides, so for me, facing my fears and preparing my mind was the hardest part. Alot of people don't seek Therapeutic Bodywork because of "Fears". They have fear of the unknown. Fear of a strange new person or fear that they might get hurt. If your fears are holding you back from getting healthy and back on track, here are a few tips to help you overcome that.


1- ASK. Thats right, call, e-mail and ask the questions. There is no cost and only takes a moment to pick up the phone. Just because your cousin Jay got injured and bruised at his last session with some crazy-lady, dosnt mean thats how it was supposed to be.

2- RESEARCH. Find out the Therapists credentials FIRST! Ask about their education but more importantly, the areas that they specialize in. One size does NOT fit all and if you have a serious injury, the person who does "Fluff & Buff" isn't going to help.

3- COMMIT. The only way you will ever know is to make the appointment and commit to your time. Come prepaired with your questions, Take in all the information and even take notes. A qualified Professional will take the time and NOT rush you out the door. If you see one of those little egg-timers on their desk, RUN!

4- FOLLOW-UP. Make sure your Therapist has a follow up plan and a treatment protocol so you can make sure you are getting the maximum bennefits from your visit. You want to maintain communication and be able to have any further concerns addressed at any time.


There you have it....No more Fear! 

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Posted by Steven S. Hanks MB, RMT at 1:42 PM


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